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Exchange with Celje, day three

Exchange with Gimnazija Celje – Center, renewed within the activities connected with the project “Young Entrepreneurs at High School – YESSS”, was after two intensive, working days rounded by a trip to Viminacium and Smederevo.


The visit to the archaeological park Viminacium started on Friday, 13th May, very conveniently – by visiting the remains of the ancient necropolis and a descent to the underworld. Having returned to the daylight, we visited the remains of the Roman thermae, the amphitheatre, a reconstructed Roman villa, and the museum. We then ventured further into the past, to the times of the mammoths that lived in this area and whose skeletons were found at this site.

We ended the travel through history with a tour around Smederevo fortress, which our guide connected to the castle in Celje using an interesting story about family ties between Slovenian and Serbian high ranking people of the 15th century.




It is a general impression of all the participants that there were a lot of events, learning, good impressions, socializing, and good times. There was only very little time and sleep.


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